Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Guiga Pirá is a photographer and videographer without borders. Currently living in Portugal, he first got in touch with photography in graphic design school, learning about film photography. But it was years later, in Japan, that he would understand the power an image can have, when photographing a dolphin slaughter for his environmental and animal rights activism.

After volunteering on many marine conservation campaigns in most continents, he developed his photography skills and acquired new ones, becoming a highly skilled drone pilot. For Guiga, drones are very useful tools that can be used in many ways other than taking photos and recording videos. His flights helped the fire department to put out a fire in a protected area, the police to rescue animals from illegal capitivity, and the Mexican Navy to identify illegal fishing activities inside a refuge. Because of his experience, job opportunities started to come, so Guiga got the chance to also work with fashion, weddings, events and TV for clients like Adidas, Ultra and Globosat.

Always trying to focus his work on a good cause, Guiga is the co creator of The BIG Project, which is a photography initiative that tells stories about people involved with environmental and animal rights issues, and aims to inspire any individual to fight for life in this planet.

His work received public recognition in 2016, as one of the 5 finalists of Rio Photo Festival. In 2017, Guiga won the Great Outdoors category of the EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards, the largest photo competition in the world.