Photography + Filmmaking


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My name is Guiga Pirá and I’m a Brazilian photographer and filmmaker based in Portugal. Coming from a family of architects, creativity has always been part of me. I graduated at graphic design school, and that’s where I first got in touch with photography. But it was only years after that film photography class that I took it seriously.

In 2011, veganism grew on me, and as I felt the need to take care of this planet, I joined Sea Shepherd, a marine conservation organization that took me to different parts of the world to fight crimes against nature using a camera.

After four years of amateur photography, I attended a professional photography course, and my skillset received another addition when I was taught how to fly a drone from a moving vessel at sea to spot dolphins. Since then, I studied filmmaking and used drones not only to create images, but also to assist a fire department to put out a fire in a protected area, help the police to rescue animals from illegal captivity, and collaborate with authorities to identify illegal fishing activity.

This backgroud paved the way to land jobs from small restaurants and events to big names like Adidas, Hilton Hotels and Globosat.

In 2016, I was one of the 5 finalist of Rio Photo Festival, and one year later I won the Great Outdoors category of the EyeEm Awards, the world’s largest photography competition. In 2018, I received the Bolsa de Exploração Nomad grant to create a documentary about a rescue strategy of the small animals that are victims of marine debris in a particular beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This film is in the post production stage and will be available for free online later in 2019.