Photography + Filmmaking




The Vaquita Marina is the world’s most endangered cetacean with an estimated number of only 10 individuals left, and they can only be found in the Upper Gulf of California, in Mexico. This species is in the brink of extinction because illegal fishermen set their nets inside a protected area to catch the Totoaba Bass, another endangered species, but end up trapping and killing everything in the way. The last line of defense these animals have is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s volunteers and their direct action finding, removing and destroying these nets.


Adidas Rio 2016

During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Adidas established a strong presence with its Creators Base and Creators House. The Creators Base was the place to host social events with athletes, showcase some of the brand's products, and be the main office for Adidas' staff from all over the world. The Creators House was where many international influencers stayed and participated in different activities that was set up for them, creating content for the brand’s and their social media channels, boosting Adidas’ reach during this major and global sports event.


Gabi + Gabriel

Gabi and Gabriel are a couple from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For their wedding, they decided to fly to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and celebrate the occasion with friends and family in Portugal. A beautiful and small ceremony was held in the middle of the grapevines, and the reception in the courtyard of the Torre de Palma Wine Hotel was a true display of joy.



At first glance, Manifesto looks like a beautiful minimalist book store, but is much more than that. On the ground level, a selection of independent magazines from all over the world is displayed right in front of a small specialty coffee bar. Going down the stairs, you’ll find a photo gallery and an area where some talk events and workshops are held, disseminating information about art, design, environmentalism and much more.



From corporate gatherings and social parties to concerts and fashion shows, events are a great way to establish a brand or celebrate an occasion. Make images of these situations are not only a great way to remember, but also the perfect opportunity to create content for social media and boost engagement.


Tin Can Town

Blikkiesdorp is one of the poorest areas in Cape Town, South Africa, and when the situation is bad for people, it’s even worse for animals. Tin Can Town is a small non profit rescue organization that has to deal with a variety of issues like illegal fights and uncontrolled breeding in order to protect domestic animals in this township. On a regular basis, they do outreach and assistance actions to encourage people to bring their animals so they can help and investigate some cases that might need some other intervention.